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Fairy Glen – A Real Life Fairyland?

by wanderscapes

We all have grown up hearing fairy tales and imagining fairylands. What if there is a place that really looks like a fairyland? Well, Isle of Skye has one such gem in its long list of places with natural beauty. A unique and unusual place, Fairy Glen is not your average place of attraction. A geological wonder, this small area of land literally transports you to a fairytale.

Fairy Glen

The moment you start walking towards Castle Ewan (which is not a castle at all), the sights before you will enchant you. The tiny hills with their strange patterns, the small meadows, and the valley – all give you the feeling that you are walking in a fairyland. If at all you ever doubted the existence of such a magical place, once you visit Fairy Glen, you’ll fall in love with fairytales again.

For there is something magical about this place that turns even the most stressed out, non-believer relax and enjoy the visit. The moment you see those small hillocks, your eyes begin to tinkle with magic. You can sit on the bench by the lake taking in the breathtaking view ahead. It will not surprise you if fairy lands by your side and tell you unheard tales from a magical land. It will instantly transform you from a tourist to a child that seeks nothing but pure happiness.

As you walk along the lakeside, the trees and breeze remind you what a wonderful world we live in… There is nothing in your heart but joy and the urge to experience the glorious magic of the place. And once you reach the valley by the side of Castle Ewan, you will start believing you are truly in the fairyland.

Arriving at Fairyland

Remember those tales where the fairies landed in some special place, where the creatures small and big existed in harmony – all a part of a big one? Well, now you have arrived at the same place. The landing place of fairies will oddly feel familiar – as if you have landed there a thousand times before. Even the stones and rocks placed haphazardly tell you there is some magic to the place.

When you climb up Castle Ewan, negotiating the narrow pathways – the highways of fairies- sometimes you can’t help feeling you are intruding in a scared place. As you navigate the tricky land strips and rocky terrain and squeeze yourself between the rocks to reach the top, be prepared to be blown away. No word can do justice to the views from the top. You’ll feel if ever there was a fairyland, it is this.

What Makes Fairy Glen a True Wonderland?

You take in the beauty of this odd piece of land, struggling to stay afoot in the strong windy conditions. But, something in your heart says you’ll not be blown away because the fairies will guard you. Suddenly, the small lake and the tiny hills, everything feels perfectly right and makes more sense than ever. Once you fill your heart and soul with the sight and feel of the place, you begin the equally tricky descend. And once you reach the bottom of the hill, you can help but run to the landing-place and stop right at the centre – you too are a fairy now.

This is the ideal place to get back a bit of your childhood – run up and down the hill, lie in the grass, walk with awe and you’ll feel there is nothing better in life. Then, as it is time to bid bye to the place and head back to the stressful life that awaits you outside, you realise you’ll always have this small piece of magic in your heart to see you through anything…

Isn’t that how fairytales end too – always the happily ever after… So, anyone walking back from Fairy Glen will have a little happily ever after tucked away in their hearts…

You can watch the video of our visit to fairy glen here

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